What is Branding Identity?

Branding IdentityIdentity is the first thing your customers gather when viewing your business logo.Your business branding (AKA logo) is critically important to the success and growth of your business. It give your viewers a face to your brand and develops market recognition to your customers and competitors. A great first impression is vital in turning the passer by into a fan of your product or service.

Think of driving down the road, you see a billboard. What’s the first thing you look for after reading the call to action? Who is this company promoting the ad? How do you find out that information? You glance at that company’s identity.

Identity Communicates

Your logo branding tells many things about your company. The colors can communicate the mood of the company. They can communicate things such as trust and dependability, speed, or eco-responsibility.

The contours of the shapes in the identity also communicate many things. A peaceful logo may be full of soft contoured lines whereas a sports logo can be harder sharp edges communicating power and speed.

Things such as upper or lower caps characters can communicate a change in the mood of the branding.
Your customers should instantly recognize who your company is, what your company does, or the culture of the company within a quick glance.

Branding Identity Refresh

Many companies choose to refresh their logos; not to change the concept but to simply update their logo image. Logo re-branding can be a great approach to bring a freshness, and a life to a business gone dull. It’s key not to let your client’s impression of your company visually fade.

Many companies such as: Microsoft, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, The Girl Scouts of America, LG, Samsung, Tropicana and many football teams have used this technique with great results far worth the time and monetary investment involved.

Branding Identity Pitfalls

Not all logos are created equal. A logo designed by your friends uncle’s neighbor down the street might look good however, often times is not created in the most compatible format for printing or (transferable) large-format use.

Many businesses suffer and struggle from having inadequately designed branding identity. Word clip art or small JPEG images found online can offer huge risks from royalty lawsuits. And many businesses have been sidelined or slowed down because of it.

Proper Branding Identity Formats

If an image is not created in a proper vector format when the image is blown up it will become pixilated and blurry.
This causes many companies to have to limit their graphic printing options.

Our Quality

At AlteredStudio we use the latest high-end graphic software and use our extensive experience to create branding identity that are instantly recognizable, professional, fresh, and compatible with all printer companies.

Great Identity Leads to Peace of Mind

Just imagine; no more embarrassment, no more limitations, no more headaches and hassles with printing. Now you’re left with great looking branding identity that you, employees, and your clients will be impressed with.