How to Create Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Perhaps your looking for marketing solutions and have already had a Company Identity & Business Website package from AlteredStudio and are now ready to take your design to market.
We offer many packages including Organic Search Engine Optimization, Google PPC (Pay Per Click) Google PPT (Pay Per Thousand).

Organic Search Engine Optimization Marketing Solutions

Many people have a website that they may be happy with but are not happy with the marketing solutions they’re getting from traffic coming to their website from Google searches.
To produce great marketingsolutions in Google you need a combination of factors.

Marketing Solutions – Code Optimization

The first factor is to make sure your website is well coded. Here at altered studio we are obsessed with coding websites to be search engine friendly from the start. Often clients will bring us in on an existing website to optimize and clean its code so that Google will be able to better index the website.

Marketing Solutions – What is your business selling?

Every business is selling something whether it’s a product service or knowledge.
Determining what your mail main sales thrust will be will enable us focus on key inbound marketing solutions best suited to your specific industry.

Great Content

At altered studio we help coach our customers to create great content which is one of the keys to getting Google to index your site well. Your visitors want to ready copy that is interesting and informative.

Keyword phrase optimization

We love to help tune clients content to contain the proper balance of key phrases your customers are typing into Google and the valuable information your customers are seeking to learn about your business.

Google PPC

We also work with Google pay per click. With the PPC marketing solutions you pay a small fee whenever a potential customer clicks on an ad positioned on Google’s search pages.

Google PPT

We can create Google pay per click marketing solutions by setting up an advertising campaign that is keenly positioned to have the highest impact on your potential customer base.

Marketing Solutions At Any Budget

We can set a marketing solutions budget to whatever your needs are and the amount charged by Google will stop at your Limit so you don’t have to worry about large charges unexpectedly popping up.

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