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Individualized Inbound Marketing Approach

Here at AlteredStudio we do not expect every client to fit a particular mold. We value each client to be unique to their market and desired outcome. Likewise we will focus our campaign within each package to your distinct needs.





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Inbound Marketing Details

Term 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Hours 10 25 40 60

For large executive packages over 60 hrs / month please contact us for a custom package quote.

Inbound Marketing Quality Assurance

The average length of time for a campaign to reach its goal is 3 months to a year, depending on market and campaign location. This is why all our packages are a minimum term of 6 months. We value your business and therefore limit our client load per monthly cycle to ensure an average of 2:1 agency member ratio assigned to your campaign. This ensures that every client will receive a complete approach to promote your SEO/Inbound Marketing goals.

Inbound Marketing Customization

We offer customized approaches to Inbound Marketing. If the need arises and you and your organization need specialized tweeks to your campaign, contact us. We pride ourselves in being apart of accomplishing your vision in attaining more inbound marketing leads to drive more sales.

We Handle The Technical So You Can Focus On Business!

Research & Planning
Website Analysis
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Placement Report
In-bound Links Report
Content Suggest Report
Performance Reports
Analytic Reports

Website Preparation
Navigation Optimization
Duplicate Content Check
Rss Feed
Footer Optimization
Analytics \ WMT Install
Site Map Generation
Robots.txt Optimization

On-Page Optimization
URL Structure
Title Tag
Header Tags
Content Optimization
Keyword Density Editing
Link Optimization
Image Optimization

Off-Site Optimization
Keyword Link Building
Blog Commenting
Directory Submissions
Social Bookmarking
Digital Press Release

Local Search
Review & Maintenance
Local Accounts Creation
Optimize Local Accounts

Usability / Conversion
Usability Optimization
Conversion Optimization

Content Generation
Call To Action Design
Create & Submit Articles
Landing Page Design


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