What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a concept based on earning the attention of prospects. It stresses the importance of becoming easily found online and drawing qualified customers to your website by producing valuable content your audience is looking for. Then bringing warm, qualified leads into your sales funnel rather than reaching outward to cold, questionable targets.

Why Do I Need Inbound Marketing?

Today’s customers are able to block many traditional marketing techniques. Like avoiding commercials with TiVo and blocking cold calls with the National Do Not Call List and Caller ID.
Another change in today’s customers is the way they find products and services. Many of your customers are not actively reading newspapers, magazines, or going to trade shows.
Now technology allows them to shop on a personal computer or mobile device and find what they want more quickly and easily.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization also known as (SEO) is the process …
We use a plethora of: training, testing tools, statistics, and experience when tweaking websites to become optimized. Our websites go through a rigorous routine of both on and off page optimization. We analyze and create reports for SEO performance, traffic, and ranking to improve the position of the websites that we search engine optimize.

Driving Traffic

What good is a website that does not draw any traffic? What is the point of selling any product/service when no one is able to locate you? Also why sell “fish” to people who are looking for “chicken”. The first step in succeeding in your online endeavor is to have an audience. Secondly is to draw that specific audience that needs or wants what you have to offer.
The way you have an audience online, is by driving people to your website also known as “website traffic”. There are many ways to drive traffic: by writing blog articles, sharing information on social media, doing press releases, creating YouTube videos, even pay per click campaigns. The best way to drive traffic is to create large quantities of engaging content and to create it steadily and faithfully. This method may start slowly at first but soon the snowball effect kicks in. If you stay with it, you will succeed in driving tons of traffic to your website.

Turning Visitors into Leads

Some examples of Inbound Marketing are blogs, Videos, Podcasts, Newsletters, webinars, white papers and e-books. This information is then made available to the visitor on a landing page but only after the visitor offers their contact information by filling out a brief form. This is a time tested method to capture leads.

Lead Nurturing

Now the visitors have been turned into leads. Next you need to convert leads into prospects and ultimately customers. The concept of lead nurturing is this; after a visitors information has been captured they now become a lead and are placed in a database in order to mail newsletters and follow-ups. This is one method we can use to develop relationships with your leads and offer them valuable information that they already desire.

Closing More Sales with Inbound marketing

Now that you’ve built a relationship with your prospects you can start offering your products and services. The time that you have invested in your leads allows you to draw your customers to be more receptive and willing to trust your brand. This is permission based marketing and now, when you knock the doors will open at a much higher percentage.

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