Web Development Designed From Goals

Web DevelopmentWhen we design your website we find it best to design your layout starting from goals. Personalized questions help us assess the layout features and prominence of website elements on your page. asking is this specific feature needed if so why and what is its prominence level. Answering these questions determines a given element’s: prominence, position, and styling.

This helps us produce a better quality results that is focused to your business unique and effective. Any feature that is added to website should have a reason. This simplistic web development approach allows us to deliver consistently cleaner designs that also have the benefit of being more search engine friendly resulting in a higher ROI.

Focus Web Development on Content

Another one of our web development ideals is that the interface should fade away, and true star of the website should be your fantastic content. If I’m a visitor and I’m drawn to the: call to action, a free product, or contact information, I have a greater chance of interacting with your website in a way that brings in more leads. Adding an element to website just to look fancy doesn’t just confuse customers it draws them away from your most valuable resource capturing visitors and turning them into  leads.

SEO Friendly Web Development

Search engine optimization is a vital part of our marketing strategy at AlteredStudio. Because SEO was always on our minds when we build a websites we build them differently. Deep in the code of our websites are: tags, meta descriptions, heading layouts, and code structures, that pay massive dividends once you start building search optimized pages.

Latest Web Technology

Internet marketing technology moves quickly and that is the reason that AlteredStudio we are always training. We are excited about technology because it helps us do our jobs better. There have been several key advancements in marketing technology over the last few years which we use extensively and have redefined the web development industry.

HTML 5 and new code structure designed to be semantic and simplify the delivery of content to browsers search engines and visitors. These new technologies are helping push for more compliant website development standards when it comes to browsing and also support new features for video audio and animation.

CSS 3 was designed to help enable website development agencies to push their designs into new creative avenues that were either difficult or poorly supported in the past. This new technology has enabled AlteredStudio to produce the most amazing website layouts of our career and were looking forward to all CSS 3 has to offer the creative community.

jQuery is the JavaScript framework whose motto is “write less do more” what used to take pages of code now can be slimmed-down optimized and compressed.
What this means for businesses is faster page loads and easier web development maintenance.

Turning Visitors into Leads

When we build websites we think from the perspective of your future website visitors. Thinking from this web development perspective allows us to design a website that effectively funnels your visitors into leads. Using effective techniques like creating: landing pages, strong calls to action, and blog articles, your website captures visitors information so you can nurture those leads into your future customers.

Business Blogging

Business blogging is essential to any marketing strategy. Almost all large companies have a blog of some sort and the reasons are clear. A blog allows you the ability to create unique or entertaining content thus increasing traffic and creating a visitor pool from which to capture leads. A business blog is an area of your website that features articles and attaches in a seamless way.

The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio as its known is a formula used for thousands of years and seen prominently in creation in such areas as: sea shells, and some of the great wonders of the world like the Parthenon. We allow for generous negative or white space around a given graphic or text to allow the brain a resting place to help it digest content. This formula helps us design: web development, branding, graphics, and print design, that is naturally appealing to the eye.