Why Traditional SEO is Broken

Are you frustrated with the results your getting from traditional SEO techniques?
Do you spend days and even weeks working on keyword research?
The main reason SEO has changed is that search engines have changed the way they position and value sites.
With recent updates code named “Panda” Google has found a way to rank good content.
If your focusing your efforts in these old school SEO techniques you could be hurting your website.

Keyword Research

No doubt keyword research is a vital necessity but spending all your time combing after the best keywords is a waste of time if your not getting to the other more vital tasks.

Content for the sake of content

Google is trying to reward business that produce contact that is much more natural. A little keyword research and a valuable and unique or entertaining article is much more effective than just sharing someone else’s content on Twitter or Facebook. That’s helping them but not you.

Unnatural Back-linking

Link banks make lots of promises and before this last update to Google that got the better of search engines and produced surprising results. Creating hundreds of links coming from pages from low ranking sites in India is not going to be effective in the future.


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